Hello, my name is Patrick. I was born 2017 in Latvia. I will help you in the ZOO WORLD VR game not to get lost and do not  afraid from danger, you are safe with me. I'm a very curious and strong dog, so you'll never miss an adventure with me. The biggest question for me is, are you ready?

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These animals are rather picky when it comes to their home turf. They prefer areas that have lots of acceptable food, and plenty of hiding places from people and predators. Oh, and it can’t be too hot, or too terribly cold either! The ideal habitat for this animal has mature forest for use as shelter, young forest for optimal browsing, a water source with aquatic vegetation, and access to mineral licks.


According to the Norwegian Fjord Horse Registry, they are one of the world’s oldest and purest breeds. It is believed the breed migrated to Norway over 4,000 years ago and was domesticated then.Most horse breeds have an easy to understand standard that involves things like body composition, movement and even disposition. The Norwegian Fjord Horse does have these, but it’s definitely not “black and white.”


Eurasian brown bears are generally solitary animals that are able to run and swim well. They are usually 120–210 cm (about 48–83 inches) long and weigh 135–250 kg (300–550 pounds); the exceptionally large Siberian brown bear (Ursus arctos beringianus), weighing as much as 360 kg (800 pounds), approximates the size of the North American grizzly.


Lynx are very focused on dense forests but also like habitat with rocky outcroppings. The modern range still encompasses Europe, parts of the Middle East and Asia as far as the Tibetan Plateau, though Western European populations are now fragmented and often very small; many countries are now creating reintroduction programs. The population is estimated around 50,000 worldwide, the vast majority of which are in Russia and China.

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Wolves usually live in packs of up to two dozen individuals; packs numbering 6 to 10 are most common. A pack is basically a family group consisting of an adult breeding pair (the alpha male and alpha female) and their offspring of various ages. The ability of wolves to form strong social bonds with one another is what makes the wolf pack possible. A dominance hierarchy is established within the pack, which helps maintain order.

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