Known as the Nordic Sun, Scandinavia is home to one of Europe's most beautiful natural regions. Impressive mountains and fjords are the birthplace of various animals. The elk is the largest inhabitant of the forest; the deer live mainly on the southern coast. The lynx and the wolverine are very careful and fearful. You hardly ever see these animals. The lynx feeds on the typical taiga dweller mountain hare, which in Scandinavia is called the wild hare. There are many fjords along the coast – sea bays with steep, rocky shores. Glacial jets created huge and deep valleys in the fjelds. Later, the river valleys transformed by glaciers were flooded by the sea and seawater penetrated far inland. Coniferous forests are home to many mammals. The smallest mammals are the pygmy shrew and the common shrew. Another small mammal, such as the vole, is also widespread. In the far north, the brown bear is common, which was once destroyed there. It inhabits hard-to-reach forests and rocks.

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